I’m pumped, are you pumped?

You’re about to step into exactly who you were made to be.

You’re gonna LOVE it.

All the empowering, self-love mantras, and BIG DREAMS can’t seem to shake the fact that you STILL FEEL STUCK.

I know you feel this...

You’re knocking on the other side of the door of your dreams,
but someone forgot to tell you the secret password.
(Or your Karate Kid mentor forgot to teach you
the whole kicking-down-doors thing.)

Well, love. Here’s the secret password:


But, this isn’t about me.
It’s about getting you not just where you need to go, but where you want to go in the most authentic corners of your heart.

I help people like you to stop feeling stuck, overwhelmed and unsure. You'll go from spinning wheels and feeling listless to holy-cow-heck-yes-that-just-happened?!
Yes, love. You can make that happen. I'll help you get there.

My amazing past clients say it best:
“I’ve been blown away by how Brianne helps people get unstuck.”
“Brianne helps women reach their potential.”

So, I’m the unstucker, the safari tour guide to your true potential, the mindset-pixie-dust that will get you past those patterns, the Fear Fairy Godmother armed with a Brave Fear wand (and I'm not afraid to use it).

YOU are BRAVE FEAR, and you’re about to be exactly who you were made to be - you’re gonna LOVE IT.

I’m Brianne Wik, the creator and founder of Brave Fear.

When you learn to step into Brave Fear, you'll notice:

You can take action toward those big, scary dreams -- no problem.
Your doubts get quieter, because you know the truth behind who you are.
Those things you thought were only someday-dreams will turn into wait-what-that-just-happened?!

It’s a life-altering shift that happens when you start to fully understand your fears. They’ll begin to show you ways you've been holding back and the way to move forward. You’ll reach your dreams faster and you’ll love yourself a whole lot more along the way.

It's this crazy little something that changes everything when you make friends with your fear. (Like your-very-own-handshake-at-summer-camp kinda friends).

Now, you're probably wondering . . .

What is Brave Fear?

Oh, hi love! 

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Learn what your fears are, where they come from, and how they can actually work for you instead of against you.

(Based on your Enneagram number. I know, it's cool!)

Ready for your first Brave Fear Action?

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At this point, your doubts might be saying...

Flip the script, and
try this on instead…

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